Notdam is a brand that re-creates traditional Korean Bangjja Yugi (Bronze)
in refined designed to fit modern table settings.

In preservation of our ancestral virtues, Notdam re-creates traditional bronzeware to fit the modern table in a more refined design that tailors versatile, everyday use. Notdam bronzeware pairs exceptionally well with glass, ceramic and other tableware, as it strives to generate advanced crossover table settings that furnishes unique emotions. 

About Bangjja Yugi 

The word “Bangjja” refers to a vocabulary that is used to define the best quality alloy mixture, which is 78% Copper and 22% Tin. Due to its unique composition, many studies show Bangjja Bronzeware is known to be self-sterilizing and kills pathogenic viruses*. 

Bangjja Bronze is sensitive enough to discolor when a trace of pesticide or food with high sodium level touches its surface. Which explains why Bangjja Bronze was greatly used for the Royal Family of Korea, because it was an excellent way to detect traces of poison. Bangjja Bronze is also a great insulator that keeps food hot or cold for a significant amount of time. 

Numerous studies have shown that copper has great self-sterilization, yet if 100% copper is used, it would be too malleable to be used as a dishware and copper on its own creates verdigris, which is harmful to the human body. Thus the exact mixture of Bangjja Bronze allows only the right amount of mineral from the metal to be combined with food to be beneficial.

*Study done in 2008 by Jong Hyun Park, Ph.D Kyungwon University was conducted by dropping mixture of pathogens ( E.Coli O-157, Salmonella, Bacillus, and Staphylococcus Aureus) with Salin on Bangjja Bronze, Ceramic and Stainless steel. From examination by the hour, only Bronze showed reduction in numbers of pathogens and almost all were alive on ceramic and stainless steel. Thus, the study concluded that Bronze not only blocks the breeding of viruses but also effectively kills them.