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[KHJ Studio] Hanji Lotus Leaf Tray (S)


Made with Korean traditional paper, Hanji, the paper tray is made into the shape of a leaf, and can be shaped with your hands. The tray is colored with natural shellac varnish which ensures that the trays are water-resistant and reusable. 

Trays can be washed by running water (no soap), or by gently wiping with a wet cloth. The shellac finish used on this tray is a natural resin secreted by the female lac bugs from India. It is well known to be a non-toxic and food safe material. However, shellac is vulnerable to heat, so please keep your trays away from heat and hot food. 

Instruction as to how to shape the tray is included in the package. 

Dimension: 20cm x 20cm
Material: Hanji & Aluminum
Finish: Shellac Coating

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