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[KHJ Studio] Oak Leaf Plate Medium 4P


Natural materials, Natural designs, Natural products. 
The Oak Leaf Plate is beautiful, practical and biodegradable. 

Design of the plate delivers a vision of nature to all your events: catering, wine tastings, parties, banquets, corporate gathers, PR events, and home parties. 

The pulp is processed at high pressure to increase the density of its surface, making it as waterproof as any ordinary paper cup with a plastic coating. 

* Details
4 pieces come in a box
Weight per piece: 14 grams

- Biodegradable
- FDA Approved (#ARHL0680307)
- Waterproof without the vinyl coating
- Microwave Safe
- High heat pressure sterilization 
- Easy to store and stack 
- Can be washed & re-used

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