[Notdam] Cooking Chopsticks


놋담 옻칠 튀김 젓가락

국산 옻칠 나무 튀김 젓가락은 해송으로 제작 되었습니다. 해송은 바닷바람 해풍으로 나무가 단단하고 나뭇결이 뚜렷한 것이 특징입니다. 나무의 결을 그대로 간직한 놋담의 목기는 뜨거운 열기, 물기, 충격 등에 강합니다. 놋담의 옻칠 조리도구는 5회 이상 여러번 옻칠을 입혀 만들어진 내구성이 강한 제품입니다. 

Wood cooking chopsticks are hand made with pine tree that grew by the ocean; which makes it strong and and defined grains. With multiple coats of natural lacquer, these chopsticks are durable in heat and water. They are made longer than regular chopsticks for safety of your hands during cooking. 

Each Size: 1cm x 28cm (width x length)

[ How To Use Notdam ]

  • For the first month, immediately dry with soft cloth after cleaning with soap and water to prevent discoloration and water stains.
  • Dish may stain if you place hot food for the first time.
  • Dish may stain from strong sodium or small traces of pesticides.
  • Above stains will disappear with continued usage. However, you can also remove the stains by using Notdam Scrub. Scrub the stained dish when it's dry with a dry scrub - black particles may come out, which is normal, and it is harmless to the human body. 
  • Not dishwasher and oven safe (Except for special cookwares) 
  • Do not boil the dishes. (Yugi has self sanitizing ability)
  • Wrap air-tight and store in cool places when not in use for a long period of time.

[ Tips for Taming Yugi ]

  • Submerge the dish in mixture of lukewarm water (30): Vinegar (1) for an hour. The color of the dish will change into a deeper gold. 
  • This process is to tame yugi faster and to reduce the stains from hot food or water stains. Also, it reduces the metal scent that may be caused from the nature of the material. 
  • After 2-3 month of usage, Yugi naturally turns into its natural deeper gold color by oxidizing with air. From then, it can be used like any other dishwares. 

[ Cautions ]

  • We cannot take returns once the product has been taken out from the vinyl wrapper, due to Yugi’s oxidizing properties. 
  • We cannot exchange or return the product with fingerprints, because it loses its value. 

[ Inquiries ]
If you have any questions, please contact the store during business hours.

  • Store Number: (213) 915-0089
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM~6PM  

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